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Dish Network

The latest technolgy in Satellite TV. We have the new Hopper 3 DVR which can record up to 16 shows at the same time. Can record hundreds of movies and has Netflex and Youtube built in. Reasonable prices and a easy to use interface..


Our latest Satellite for the first time is "Unlimited" which means you will not be slowed down for downloading too much! We also have speeds upto 150 MBPS which is faster than any other iternet service in Western North Carolina that I am aware of. Also we are now able to work well with games and video.


We have the Genie DVR which is a great receiver and you can watch anything that has been recorded from any receiver in the house. We also have the NFL package. You will not miss any of your favorite team's games. Easy to use interface.


Brown's Satellite Service

My name is Kevin Brown and I have been in business since 2002. I am servicing all of Western North Carolina

with TV and Internet Satellite products. I am certified in Viasat, Dish Network and Directv and I am insured. If I have

not worked for you there is a good chance I have worked for someone you know. Please give us a call we are

looking forward to serving you.



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